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This is your battle, not ours. We help you with our advice but you have to fight the battle yourself. Indeed, it is also your last fight. And if you do not have that fighting spirit, no one else can help you. Please Read
"How To Fight Cancer"

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Detail Guide
What Is Cancer ?
Who Gets Cancer?
What Are the Risk Factors for Cancer?
Can Cancer Be Prevented?
What Causes Cancer?
Signs and Symptoms of Cancer
What Is Remission?
How Is Cancer Treated?
What Should I Ask My Doctor About Cancer?
Source : American Cancer Society

Typhonium Plus

Typhonium flagelliforme / Keladi Tikus

As a food supplement may help to combat
cancer/tumor and stimulate anti body

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Typhonium Plus
Typhonium Flagelliforme / Keladi Tikus

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Typhonium Plus - Alternative Cancer Treatment

As a food supplement may help to combat cancer/tumor and stimulate anti body.
Typhonium Plus may help to cure breast, colon, rectum, liver, prostate, leukemia and cervical cancer.

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